Charter Sponsors/ General Membership


We provide the following services to charter sponsors and general members.

  1. Delivery of publications
  2. Membership discount purchases for various publications
  3. Access to BIZCOLI (Biz Communication Library)
  4. Participation in lectures and seminars
  5. Dispatch instructors
  6. Consignment of economic relations surveys
    *Limited to charter sponsors (However, if a special fee is required, charter sponsors must pay their own cost)

1.Delivery of Publications


“Economic Survey of Kyushu”, published once a year
We publish the Economic Survey of Kyushu every winter. To respond to the challenges of the times, we select topics that are in trend and analyze and propose the structural changes of the Kyushu economy in each annual issue.
2019年 スポーツの成長産業化と九州経済
2018年 スマホ時代の新しい消費と流通
2017年 人材枯渇時代を生き抜く地域戦略
2016年 中核企業と地域産業の新陳代謝
2015年 都市再構築と地方創生のデザイン
2014年 アグリプレナーが拓く農業新時代
2013年 アジア最前線 九州のグローバル戦略
2012年 円高と九州経済~強まる生産の拠点性
2011年 訪日外国人観光の新段階
2010年 変わる消費と流通イノベーション
2009年 世界同時不況と地域企業
2008号 地域浮沈の分水嶺
2007号 人口減少時代の到来と地域経済
2006年 「都心衰退」その実態と再生の芽
2005年 地発方 新規事業への挑戦


“Outline of Kyushu Economy” (Japanese-English translation), published once a year
This is a general information manual that illustrates the outline of Kyushu economy.It includes concise explanations based on our statistics and charts. We have received many positive reviews as a great introductory book for those who have moved to Kyushu or foreigners who came to Kyushu for the first time.



“Monthly Bulletin of Kyushu Economic Research”, published once a month
This is a monthly report that includes research reports analyzing the trends of industrial and regional society, billboards of corporations and regions, statistical reports, and more.



3月号 スマートモビリティサービス
2月号 九州におけるスマート農業の未来
2019年1月号 九州の新たな1年
12月号 九州における「新しい福祉」の萌芽
11月号 シリコンアイランド九州の新しい地平
10月号 九州の多様性を生かした海洋エネルギー開発
9月号 九州のSociety5.0企業
8月号 一次産業の成長産業化に向けたブランド戦略
7月号 インバウンド1,000万人時代に向けた九州の戦略
6月号 ヘルスケア産業
5月号 九州の地域研究


“Data Kyushu”, published four times a year
This is published four times a year as an appendix to the Monthly Bulletin of Kyushu Economic Research.



2019年4月号 九州・山口企業の海外進出2018
2019年3月号 九州・山口の設備投資 2018下半期(7~12月)
2018年10月 九州・山口の設備投資 2018上半期(1~6月)
2018年9月号 九州・山口のSociety5.0企業 2018


“Kyu-Kei-Cho Newsletter (e-mail newsletter)”, published 3 times a month

Notices and updated information regarding Kyushu economy will be sent out through our e-mail newsletters.

KYUSHU BUSINESS HEADLINE Headlining the latest updates on Kyushu economy of the latest 2 weeks Twice a month
Notices on Monthly Bulletin of Kyushu Economic Research Delivering the hottest topics of the monthly subscription Once a month
New books this month Notices on new books at BIZOLI Once a month
Notices from Kyushu Economic Research Center Updated information and notices on lectures/seminars and publications Published as necessary


“Survey/Research Report” *Limited to charter sponsors Published as necessary

We provide a portion of the reports from the commissioned research implemented by the Research Department that is available for publication, as Research Reports.

2.Membership discount purchases for various publications

3.Access to BIZCOLI (BizCommunicationLibrary)



 Our goal is to develop the future of Kyushu, building a “knowledgeable platform” by revitalizing “business and communications”, collecting knowledge and human resources leading to business opportunities, and providing a space to enhance the development of ideas, imagination and practical skills.

 We store over 200,000 copies of books and reports, from specialized books on economics, management, industrial research and marketing to the latest trends in the industry, corporate information, and marketing data.

 We are equipped with an interaction lounge to enhance communication, work desks (personal desks) where members can concentrate working on planning business strategies, and a meeting room which holds 24 people.Moreover, our specialized advisers will accept any of your inquiries.

BIZCOLI Interaction Lounge


Location Denki Building Kyosokan 3F
Opening Hours Opening hours are from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 22:00, Saturday 10:00 to 18:00 (certain areas require a fee)
Free admission from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00


Sundays/National Holidays/ Year-end holidays (December 29th to January 3rd)
Archives 200,000 items


4.Participation in lectures and seminars

You may participate in lectures and seminars of various fields throughout the year.


5.Dispatch instructors

We will invite you to lectures and social study sessions, as well as dispatching instructors and panelists from our organization.

Membership fee/ Registration for membership

Membership fee


List of charter sponsors/general membership fee
  Charter Sponsors General Membership
Membership fee (Annual) 360,000 yen 120,000 yen
Registration fee 80,000 yen 30,000 yen

Registration for membership


To register for a membership, please download the registration form (PDF) and send it by mail or FAX after filling out the necessary fields.
Moreover, please click on registration for a supporting membership and complete your registration online.

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